About us

Dapps.ai is a blockchain technology software company that builds and deploys decentralized applications with AI on the Salesforce platform. Our mission is to change the way business is done over the web by creating Blockchain enabled Solutions.

With a combination of deep expertise in the enterprise software-as-a-service space in addition to a deep rooted passion and knowledge of blockchain technology; Dapps.ai is your partner to harness the power of this true computational advancement and technological revolution.

We are achieving this by bringing blockchain technology to the 150,000+ customers on the Salesforce platform. We believe that businesses need to augment their existing platform investments and other third-party applications when exploring the benefits of blockchain technology. Our enterprise-level application suite is built on the Salesforce platform and seamlessly can be integrated into your organizations existing workflows, processes, analytics tools, security permissions, role hierarchies and mission critical revenue driving applications.

Dapps.ai provides best-in-class professional services and consulting to define solution architecture across all of your lines of business and efficiently and effectively put these solutions into production. Dapps.ai is your technology partner in the decentralized application space and we keep our finger on the pulse of emergent distributed consensus protocols. Our team is excited to work with you and share our knowledge, our passion, and ultimately our mutual long-term success.


Marc Wolenik

Co-Founder and CEO

Dominic Steil

Co-Founder and CTO

Nilesh Shah

Senior Blockchain Application Architect