Dapps.ai at Consensus 2017

Dapps.ai at Consensus 2017

Dapps.ai releases Blockchain Application Management on Salesforce

Dapps.ai announced the release of the Blockchain Application Management (BAM) suite, a natively built managed application suite for Salesforce.com. BAM is a powerful cloud-based computing interface designed to incorporate business processes with the Blockchain of their choice, through the Salesforce Lightning Experience interface.

Read more here:  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/dappsai-releases-native-blockchain-integration-for-salesforce-users-2017-05-19

Dapps.ai joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Dapps.ai has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance! The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance added 86 new firms including State Street, Toyota, Merck, ING, Broadridge and Rabobank; the collective is seeking to use blockchain technology to run smart contracts at Fortune 500 companies. We are excited to work with the leading organizations in the world that are driving the development of smart contract based dapps on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Consensus 2017 Hackathon – IBM and Wanxiang Labs Award Winner

We are also happy to announce the Dapps.ai won the IBM and Wanxiang Labs Consensus 2017 Hackathon Awards. Dapps.ai built Smart City Fabric: then UrbanBlock Operating System using Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 and Hyperledger Composer and managed the various elements of the network using Salesforce. Here is a video of the Hackathon pitch.

The Hyperledger Fabric and Composer application stack enabled us to quickly model and deploy a smart city application and manage the assets being created and transacted between participants on the network. The use case we demoed was for transferring solar energy credits between homeowners on a permissioned blockchain network. Credits can be transferred directly between participants and we simulated streaming data from IOT devices using NodeRed. Other use cases we modeled were for Battery providence and usage history, as well as autonomous vehicle charging when idle on the road. We incorporated the Dapps.ai Fabric application, object model, and reports and dashboards as well as integrate the data with other customer data business processes by using the Salesforce platform. This stack enables the rapid development and implementation of blockchain applications that enable a trusted, distributed platform for interaction and communication. We look forward to building upon our momentum and working closely with the Wanxiang Labs team to continue to create solutions that can be implemented as a template for blockchain based smart cities.


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