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Enterprise Blockchain Application Management

The Dapps.ai Blockchain Application Management enables organizations to build, deploy and manage blockchain technology applications on the Salesforce platform.

One may ask, why would a company build a blockchain application on the Salesforce platform? What are some of the use cases?

Isn’t this a peer-to-peer decentralized currency, requiring cryptoeconomic incentivized investment in application specific integrated chips to perpetuate a distributed ledger that creates a global transactional/state consensus protocol? What types of advantages are there to using a global singleton computational machine where data is public and state transitions are expensive and relatively slow? What types of use cases could you even build upon using permissioned networks that have fault tolerant consensus algorithms versus just using a distributed key value database like Cassandra or Raft?

The question I ask myself is:

How will this technology change the way that Salesforce’s customers interact with their customers?

It is critical to identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), create a Business Case, define your companies quarterly outcomes, establish key stakeholders across your lines of business. But again I ask myself,

How will this technology change the way that Salesforce interacts with their customers?

This is and always will be the centric focus. The customer. The relationship.

There is without question the value of being able to have secure multi-tenant infrastructure, an unmatched enterprise application exchange, cloud based b2b e-commerce integrated solutions.

But again, the question remains:

How will this technology change the way that you interact with your customers?

Here is how:

In the enterprise software space business happens at the speed of trust.

Instead of thinking about specific killer app use cases you have read about for the past few years, I ask you to think about situations that require an augmented layer of trust. What type of processes are in place in my current platform; authentication mechanisms, digital signatures, escrow mechanisms, digital arbiters; all of these things can and will be replaced by applied cryptography, cryptoeconomics and public tokenized application networks.

With Blockchains, trust is a mathematical and verifiable certainty.

Bitcoin doesn’t care about anything but the applied cryptographic protocol rules and proof of work. One can trust that the cryptographic checks and balances in place are so secure and are radically disinterested, that any one participant can trust the protocol.

How could I better serve my customers if there was a tangible layer of cryptographic trust we operated on? What types of value added services can I bring to my customers with this technology? What if this cryptographic trust transaction layer existed across all of my lines of business?

How can we then manage all of these types of cryptographically trusted transactions, the members of these trusted transactions, the subsequent digital assets that are being created and traded across all of our customers? The Dapps.ai Blockchain Application Management suite has built tools to enable companies to build these types of trusted transactions networks and manage them on a single platform with all of your existing customer data.

Our enterprise-level application suite is built leveraging the native functionality that has been built into Salesforce over the past 18 years. We host and manage your Blockchain infrastructure such as nodes (providers) and peer containers. We support public, private, and permissioned networks and have multiple implementation architectures to best fit our customer needs.

The advantages of implementing your Blockchain technology application in Salesforce cannot be overstated. From an implementation standpoint this is where all of your customer data is and your existing application configurations. As an admin or developer there will be times when you need to use a transaction hash to create a Custom Formula Field button to piece together the right URL hack, when you will need to call the latest state of a variable in a Smart Contract from your Service Console, when you need to run a report and dashboard on all of the Smart Contracts and subsequent assets your Sales team has deployed that quarter.

By building our application suite on the platform we are able to effectively secure our customers data using natively built security features like Shield Platform Encryption. We are leveraging new features like Platform Events to push notifications on state changes in Smart Contracts or to let you know if an address has received tokens. We are creating Business Network events to let you know when a new asset has been created or transferred on your Fabric instance. We will leverage the power of Einstein Discovery to analyze blockchain data and Einstein Sentiment and Einstein Intent for use within blockchain bots.

By leveraging the Lightning Framework and event driven architecture, we have built a set of tools so that if you are a Salesforce developer or administrator you can quickly build Blockchain applications and seamlessly integrate them with your other third party applications. You can manage all of that data is being created on these decentralized networks in a well thought out data model, in an interface you know best.

Enterprise Blockchain applications need to be built with existing enterprise software investments in mind. A solution that is siloed from existing customer data and third party applications will never make it out of a POC or Pilot. Our data model lets companies successfully design and implement solutions that meet business requirements, are maintainable and scalable. We enable companies to create value added services for their customers, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and grow their business.

This solution set is built using the same platform features as other native applications, enabling Salesforce developers to quickly create workflows that can leverage the power of the blockchain and the data is called back to the platform. Native integrations with platform HSMs enable companies to efficiently and effectively authenticate trusted transactions between multiple parties. These types of trusted transactions enabled by blockchain technology happening across your entire organization can be managed from a single platform and combined with Machine Learning and AI built into the platform to create prescriptive and predictive recommendations to your users.

It is still very early in the Blockchain era, developments at the protocol level to address scaling and transaction throughput are still actively being worked on. As the infrastructure continues to improve, so will the application layer, the interfaces and tools we build to enable you to deploy smart contracts, the analytics and monitoring algorithms used to detect efficiencies.  We continue to research different ways to abstract away the infrastructure and bring down features from language into the user experience.

Business happens at the speed of trust, by enabling your company to transact in a more trusted manner with your customers and continue to build on the best-in-class enterprise software platform, we will learn and grow with you, listen to you and define that what is necessary to advance our product.

It is a very exciting time to be in the Blockchain technology space; we are seeing the birth of a whole new range of network effects before our eyes. We are excited to be with you on this journey to provide the most in depth analysis, subject matter expertise and commitment when it comes to developing and deploying your enterprise blockchain application.