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What is Blockchain Application Management?

Blockchain Application Management is a software suite built to efficiently and effectively build, deploy, and manage enterprise blockchain applications. Using a multi-blockchain, business outcomes based approach; Dapps.ai enables customers to unlock the transformative benefits of blockchain technology with services and solutions that seamlessly integrate into an organizations enterprise software, business processes and operational systems. Dapps.ai offers technology to build your blockchain applications on the Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Chain protocols and manage the various components of the network. These are elements such as: Accounts, Assets, Smart Contracts, Transactions, Oracles, Markets, Chains, Peers, Coins and Files.

Dapps.ai is helping your organization answer questions such as:

  • How can I have visibility into blockchain transactions that are happening across my organization?
  • How can my company manage the digital assets that are being created, swaped, issued, retired?
  • How can I manage who has read/write access to this data? Different role hierarchies? How can we add peers to the particular network?
  • How can my company manage the certificates needed to authenticate and enroll users in these systems?
  • How can I manage administrative task such as configuring ordering services and determining endorsement policies?
  • How can my company manage the smart contracts that are being written by developers and used by members of my organization? Where can we store these contracts? How can we standardized the process of deploying them? How can we renew a smart contract once on the blockchain? Terminate one?
  • How can we issue tokens to members of our organization? What types of permissions are in place to guarantee security and due diligence?
  • How can we integrate with Hardware Security Modules in production level systems?

But, we are also committed to your specific business questions:

  • What outcomes are we trying to achieve by using blockchain technology?
  • Which blockchain platform should we choose to build on? Complete general computation singleton, permissioned, private ledger, cloud BaaS?
  • How are we going to pay for the transactions on the network? How do we handle volatility?
  • How do we manage the lifecycle of the chain?¬†Standup, Load, Training, Bootstrap, Recover, Archive, Rolloff, and Teardown
  • Where does this fall in our budget? What is the timeline to production?
  • What technical investments are we going to need to make? Which programming languages and skillsets are required?
  • How can I incorporate this into my current business processes, workflows, and platform investments? Which legacy and cloud systems will this augment or replace?
  • How can we report on the data being created on these networks?

Dapps.ai is built on Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform. Business happens at the speed of trust; our solutions enable companies to transact in a globally distributed, consensus driven and transparent way.